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08/30/14 06:54 PM #14    

Pamela Dearing

I forgot,  what's the weather usually like during the end of September?  Is it still warm? Are the leaves starting to turn? Been 30 years since I've been back East during that time of year. 

07/22/15 11:35 AM #15    


Sally J. Fullmer

 Wow it is so good to be back in connection with you all. I look forward to rekindling many fond memories of high school made by all of you !  I have an event in Columbus on Friday of our re-Union weekend (9/25-27), but nothing would stop me from being there Saturday night and Sunday for the picnic ...

07/25/15 12:50 PM #16    


Eric D. Gould

More people for the "In Memory" list:

  • George Moore
  • Patty Poindexter (passed in high school)


07/26/15 10:44 PM #17    

Steven K. Bledsoe

R.I.P. Susan Mosely, we will never forget you. Class of 75

07/27/15 02:16 PM #18    

Jane (Aka Juanita) Usher

I agree about Susan Moseley -- Died way too young, while we were still in Junior High.  I was just talking about her the other day, so she is never forgotten.   Jane Usher

07/27/15 06:07 PM #19    

Wendy Walker (Collins)

Loved her dearly! We competed back and forth for first chair violinist at Woodbury. She was blessed with natural talent. I was the one who had to practice.

08/11/15 02:08 PM #20    


Gerald J. Gregory




We will be playing golf at GlenEagles golf course in Twinsburg Ohio. First Tee time will be 10:15 am on Friday morning.

Participants so far: Scott Murphy, Darrell Claytor, Bruce Diamond, Drew Seltzer, Garth Woodson, Gerb. Please email me or call me so I can get the foursome together.


216 570 0320





08/18/15 02:01 PM #21    

Sherie Hardiman

Roderick Neal is not deceased! He's in a nursing home

08/20/15 10:27 AM #22    


Sandra Green (Lewis-Walker)

Just wondering....
Where is Olin Walker? Anyone know?

08/31/15 10:01 AM #23    

Louis J. Baylog

This Mug is from one of our Reunions.  I am thinking the 20th ?  Let's get a new one with our classic Red Raider logo this time.


09/01/15 08:42 AM #24    

Ramona Lynn Lewis (Gerber)

Hello Folks!

I just wanted to say that I would like to make it to the reunion; but, due to surgery, I will not be able to make it.  I especially would like to see the kids (kids, really?) that attended Ludlow with me--the Jones boys, Regina Lewis, Chip Branch, Amy and Lisa Swancar (what happened to them?), Diana Namkoon, Cheryl Fitch, Fred Mills, Steven Bloodsoe, Debbie Spinell, Padma Jha (or her?), Dea Character, Michael Bradley, Carolyn Staples, Lewis Bomberg, Donnie Omstead, Steve Poe, David Brinkus, Renee Hardy, Betsy Sheard, Eric Gould, Laura Coleman, Lesie Walker, Leslie Jackson, Darlene Douglas, Henry Taylor, Richard Green, Kirk Spencer, Randy Garrett, Wendy Walker, Harold Robinson, Toni Graham, and the rest of you whose names don't come to mind right now.  I hope you all enjoy yourselves.  

Have fun and take care,

Ramona Lewis

09/01/15 10:03 AM #25    

Keith Durand

Ramona, I hope you are okay and that all is well. You will be missed and I hope to see you in the future. May God be with you!!

Keith Durand 

09/01/15 07:02 PM #26    

Ramona Lynn Lewis (Gerber)

Thank you Keith!  Blessings to you too!

09/02/15 02:36 PM #27    

Steven K. Bledsoe

Ramona, I hope you have a healthy recovery from your surgery. As Keith said you will be missed and we will all get together and say a prayer for you. I'm also really looking forward to seeing all the those folks you mentioned and I would add your name to my list, take care Ramona and God Bless. Steve Bledsoe

09/02/15 06:41 PM #28    

Ramona Lynn Lewis (Gerber)

Thank you Steven!

09/03/15 05:03 PM #29    

Pamela Dearing

Ramona - Also wishing you a speedy recovery.  So sorry I won't be able to see you.  Every time I hear "Sun Goddess", I think of you and the fashion show that you did at Shaker.  Take care Dearheart!

09/04/15 01:06 PM #30    


Sally J. Fullmer

Ramona, sweet Ramona, rest easy as you recover and heal completely. We will be holding you in heart and song. 

09/22/15 05:55 AM #31    

Pamela S. Cairns

Please add Ann Rawlongs to the list of In Memory.  She passed in 2013. 

09/22/15 05:57 AM #32    

Pamela S. Cairns

Oops, misspelled her name.  Ann Rawlings.  Thank you...

09/22/15 02:12 PM #33    

Stacy Trostler

I just saw that Ann passed away. What sad news. Ann and I were good friends and we spent a lot of time together. She would come to my house and we would play of guitar's. I would go to her house and their den was filled with walls of books. I felt safe in her old home with hardwood floors and beautiful rugs. Her parents reminded me of "hippies" from the 60's. We shared our thoughts about life. Ann was one of the few people that I was that vulnerable with. I would like to find out more about where she passed away. Tearful to think about.

09/24/15 09:57 AM #34    

Mimi Plevin (Plevin-Foust)

I was friends with Ann as well and remember how nice and down-to-earth she was. Here is a link to her obituary - she certainly lived a life dedicated to her values:

09/25/15 08:46 AM #35    

Michael B. Federico (Federico)

Class o’ 75 buds….

I am bummed not to be there, but I have a family conflict.  And Hey! I was just there – in Shaker – for my aunt’s 90th birthday. Ask Abdalian…   If she makes it to 100 – God willing – I promise to do both trips next time. 

Can’t believe Dent and Shock will be there, can Blum and Blogie be far behind.   When we moved I had to take down the full size pic of Derek Watkins, Mary, and Joe from last reunion!   Any word from either of the Garrett boys?   I literally haven’t heard from Randy since we rolled that Jeep in Wawa Ontario during our senior project fishing trip.  How about Steve Kilpatrick – haven’t seen him since we sold our NYTimes paper route senior year….  Hellooooo……?


  • My dad driving to a game with a big Red Raider*(made by Missy Reider!) on top of his Red Pinto!
  • Bradley and AB running the 220 – what a contrast
  • Hanging in Bradley’s attic for hours – wee hours
  • David Fann flying through the air vs. Cathedral Latin, amazing their coach
  • Gobidas running a 440 in just his shorts  - mid winter
  • Mr. Bristol’s rubber bands – and proofs – and hearing aids – and adopted Vietnamese family
  • Mrs. ?? physics teacher and that damn wave pool
  • Tanya Freeman coming up to me at reunion saying “I remember when you threw up PB&J in fourth grade! “
  • Tying Ellen Loth in the senior class president election, and conceding rather than have a run-off vote, and not regretting it until the speeches at graduation.

In memorial

  • I will miss David Inglis – he was in ALL my classes, a great guy, a real compadre, with an old soul and quick wit.
  • Harry Eindbund – knew him from LOMOND, in ALL my home rooms – best story:   We are in homeroom at Byron, Demerser is handing out the report cards, reading and commenting on each one.  He gets past Harry to the F’s and says – Looks like you did the best Harry.  And I immediately think “holy $hit, if Harry did better than me, my dad is going to kick my Ass”.   He gets to me,  and you could see the surprise…  He though I was just a smart ass! 

Anyone up for an East Coast get together?  I will host at the lake (Greenwood Lake 35 mi NW of NYC), tiki bar, bonfire and s’mores!   Before the leaves are gone…  LMK. 



PS  Been a Red and White HOCKEY fan the rest of my life!  Shaker – Rensselaer – DEVILS!

09/26/15 11:57 AM #36    

Lynn Ellen Friedman

I'm currently living in Springfield, MA, about 30 mile north of Hartford. I couldn't make this reunion, as much as I wanted to go, due to a variety of reasons.

Consider a road trip up this way, to get a jump on the leaf Peeping.

09/26/15 11:42 PM #37    

Steven Berger

Great reunion!  It was great seeing all those old friends and meeting some new ones.  How did all the women get better looking while all the men pretty much stayed the same.

09/28/15 12:43 PM #38    


Sally J. Fullmer

GREAT REUNION!  Thanks to all who worked, communicated, and made it possible! Thanks to all who actually appeared physically present; who traveled the miles and made the space to honor each of us, and our interesting collective past.  I wish you all a wonderful, joyful, passionate journey ahead, because these are our glory years.  Can I get an Amen ?

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