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09/28/15 04:21 PM #39    


Celeste E. Terry

Yes, you can get an Amen!  So glad everyone had a great time seeing old friends -- creating new memories. We had a blast putting it together -- meeting for over 1 year to make it happen.

09/29/15 02:17 PM #40    

Ramona Lynn Lewis (Gerber)

I am so sorry I had to miss it.  The surgery is done.  The results are in.  NO CANCER!!!  I tried to tell those doctors; but, they wouldn't listen to me.  Where are all the pictures? 

09/29/15 07:00 PM #41    

Toni E. Arrington (Davis)

Sorry we missed you at the reunion but your results are the important thing Ramona.   So glad you are OK.  You were missed. 

09/30/15 09:11 AM #42    

Betsy Albert (Cooper)

Great news, Ramona!


09/30/15 01:04 PM #43    

Lynn Ellen Friedman

Glad the hear you'll be OK. Feel better soon.

09/30/15 07:45 PM #44    

Leslie Fortney

Glad the news was good. Have a blessed day! Peace, Love and Joy, Leslie Fortney:))))

10/01/15 12:44 PM #45    


Bobbretta G. Grier

So happy to hear you are cancer free, Ramona! Will keep you in my prayers!

10/03/15 01:45 AM #46    


Regina Fe Lewis (Barboza)

Ramona, so glad about your post-surgery news.  We did miss you last weekend.  Ludlow was well-represented.  Hope to catch up with you soon.  Continued health and blessings!

12/14/15 11:53 PM #47    

Daniel Ticktin

Sending heartfelt prayers out to classmate Robin Barrisch as she battles pancreatic cancer,she will be going out of town shortly for the surgery,helping her is former classmate Pamela White. I know she can use all of our prayers as we think of her during these trying times. Praying for a great result Dan Ticktin

12/15/15 09:23 AM #48    

Betsy Albert (Cooper)

Robin, my thoughts, prayers, and hope are with you. 

12/15/15 12:00 PM #49    

Wally Krohngold


Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  Best of luck with the surgery. 

Wally Krohngold

12/15/15 12:08 PM #50    

Robert Huxley Price

Robin -- praying for you that all goes well.  Stay strong!

12/15/15 12:08 PM #51    

John Nadai

Thinking of you and hoping for the best.  John

12/15/15 12:25 PM #52    


Sally Artino (Cadiou)

Sending prayers and good thoughts to you Robin. Stay strong.

12/15/15 12:53 PM #53    


Anne Tiffen (Taylor)

Robin, I'm continuing to send all best thoughts and prayers for you.   

12/15/15 01:06 PM #54    

Jessica Litt (Lewis)

Thinking about you Robin and sending huge healing hugs and prayers.

   Jessica (Litt) Lewis

12/15/15 01:22 PM #55    

Beth Karson (Davis)

Sending lots of positve vibes and prayers your way, Robin. You are in my thoughts.

Beth Davis (Karson)






12/15/15 02:28 PM #56    

Beth E. Richie

Sending love nd hope-filled prayers!  Beth 

12/15/15 07:03 PM #57    

Pam Hoyt

So sorry for your situation Robin....thinking of you and sending positive energy your way. 

12/15/15 09:03 PM #58    

Cindy Phillips (Billings)

Robin,- I'm keeping you in my prayers and sending you lots of love your way.

Cindy  Phillips Billings

12/28/15 09:49 AM #59    

William McGhee (McGhee)


I've belatedly learned of your cancer and surgery.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and for your full recovery.  Bill

12/29/15 01:29 PM #60    

Ramona Lynn Lewis (Gerber)

My prayers are with you as well Robin.  May the light of God shine down upon you during this time, bringing you hope, peace, and healing.  Bless those that are assisting you.


12/31/15 07:14 AM #61    

Leslie Fortney


I just learned of what as been going on and want you to know that I am sending you positive thoughts. 

Peace, Love and Joy!


01/30/20 01:30 PM #62    

Robert (Bob) Goodman

Hi whomever is the moderator or admin on our website: I was looking throug the missing alumni page and noticed Robin Barrisch was lost.  I found this obit for her: 

Sad news and she needs to be added to the In Memoriam page. 

Bob Goodman

01/31/20 11:24 AM #63    


Claudia McCord (McCord)

Hi everyone. I'm the moderator on this website. I've been ignoring the webpage for the last 5 years, but please, if you come across anything like Bob Goodman has, don't hesitate to let me know, either through this website or directly emailing me at


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